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—  I've had the great privilege to work with wonderful creative people and very professional clients from all walks of life and different parts of the world. It is a pleasure, and always has been, to work with new humble companies as well as with established corporations.



Project: Illustration for a book cover.

"Mantas was a complete PLEASURE to work with - from beginning to end, we coordinated our work as a "team effort" to collaborate and create a great cover art image for my 1st book. I spent 8 years on the research for my book, so it was very important that the cover art reflect my hard work and point of view! I have already hired Mantas for my 2nd book cover due in 2 months. Wonderful artist; great communications; adherence to deadlines A+."
-Roxane Richter president of World Missions Possible.


Project: Illustration of Cincinnati Skyline Pen & Ink/Watercolor style for a law firm.

"Mantas was an absolute pleasure to work with! The final illustration was beautiful and exactly what we asked for. He was available, responsive, and open to feedback and collaboration throughout the process. We will contact Mantas first if we ever need another illustration and would recommend him to anyone. He is a very talented artist."
-Erin Lum (Moiré Marketing Partners)


Project: Large office wall art of Dubai . 

"Enjoyed working with Mantas. He understood exactly what I wanted and submitted the work on time! His skills are excellent! I will definitely be working with him on ALL my creative projects."
-Buthaina Bin Beyat (Arcobaleno Cosmetic Trading)


Project: Animal illustration for a web pricing table Polljoy.

"An excellent artist and great to work with. Very happy with the end result!"
-Simon Newstead (CEO of Frenzoo and Angel Investor)


Project: Illustration portraying Simplipay company's philosophy.  

"Mantas was a pleasure to work with and provided an excellent quality illustration! I will certainly seek his services again on future projects."
-Adam Bursey (Process Operator at Syncrude Canada Ltd.)

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Project: SCE_ISGD Grand Opening Materials

"Mantas is creme of the crop when it comes to colleagues. I can't say enough good things about him. If everyone I worked with had the drive, personality, and balance that Mantas has, accomplishments would be endless."
-Ryan Blanc  (PROGRAM MANAGER | Innovation Management at Southern California Edison)


Project: Illustrations for web and print purposses.

"Thank you Mantas for producing some wonderful unique graphics for our website. It is a pleasure working with you."
-Jamie & Kara (Optilife)


Project: Concept art for a mobile game.  

"Mantas is one of the best contractors I ever worked with online, he knows exactly what you want, and he's extremely talented. my words fail to describe how amazed and pleased I am with his service. Its rare to come by people so dedicated and so good at what they do, but consider yourself lucky when you get the chance to work with him.

Simply he is an amazing person doing what he loves."
-Salah Ghanim (Co-Founder Mobile and Product at GETAWAY GmbH)


Project: Illustrating The Journey of Carlos & Charlie children's book.

"Working with Mantas was a pleasure and we are grateful for his talent, time, attention to detail and imagination. He has impeccable taste and understanding of the vision we wished to create and brought life to our story through his illustrations. I would highly recommend Mantas and look forward to working with him on our next book of this series."
-Lin Layton (Founder of AFFINITY RANCH - Equine Guided Education, Co-Author and Publisher of The Journey of Carlos & Charlie)



— A list of studios/clients I have worked for, projects ranged from print to web platforms. Today I continue to provide my creative services for a diversity of clients from around the world with great pleasure.


Clients & projects. 

root of experience


I-Bars Club (illustration for websites landing page)

UP Fitness (illustration for promotional t-shirts)

PLS (storyboard sketches)

Ethos Nutrition (concept logo designs)

Optilife Australia (illustrations for web and print)

Cliff Dennett  (concept art for mobile festival game)

An Army Rising Up (logo/brand design)

Griffon Rose (digital painting/illustration to represent the company)

KC Global Consulting (character design)

Moire Marketing Partners (Cincinnati skyline pen & ink/watercolour illustration)

Roxane Richter president of World Missions Possible (two book cover illustrations)

Coupon Roller (illustration for a company blog)

Adela Group LLC (concept drafts)

Wellshade (illustrations and icons for website)

Prehistoric Reserve: Dinosaur Park Project (concept art for dinosaur theme rides)

UpWORDBound  (children's illustration)

Okeo (art for animated characters and game interface)

The Greater Group / Southern California Edison (3D gaming environment look made with vector illustration )

Jeff Williams ( storyboard / full-page slides for presentation )

Loving Classroom (vector illustration of a humanity being graphic)

GETAWAY GmbH (concept art for endless runner 3d game)

Thanksamillion, LLC (book illustrator)

Polljoy (websites price list animal illustration)

Soshi Games Ltd (concept art of bus simulation facebook game & pop music artist & iOS game)

Arcobaleno Cosmetics Trading (office wall vector art of Dubai)

Let, Inc. (landing page web vector illustrations)

AKP MD (illustrations for a commercial)

Healing Heroes (illustration of a fish)

Gamevy (landing page vector illustration)

Glacier Media Marketing (illustration storybook style for a mobile website and API)

Jons Clothing Co. (illustration for a cartoon print ad)

Balliro Commerce Group (king kong head illustration for a logo)

Abacus Fundraising (illustrations for New Zealand's calendar)

Simplipay, Inc. (illustration for company's landing websites page and facebook page)

South Odessa Ltd (game character and logo design)

GenZplay (IOS game interface design, animation, illustration and logo design)

Perpetual Arts (comic cover illustration)

What The Dog Nose ™ (character and mascot design)

Gear XS (web illustration, character/logo design and branding in general) 

Logic Ends LLC (IOS game concept art)

Athens Development, Inc. (vector graphics illustration)

Amber Fortuna (UK)  (illustrations, graphic design, logo and brand design)

U1S (UK) (illustrator and web design/illustration)

AMTI (LT) (concept artist and illustrator.)

Not Perfect Y&R (LT) (storyboard artist.)

DDB (LT) (storyboard artist.)

Barakuda (LT) (2D traditional animator.)

Magnet Films (LT) (storyboard artist for different adverts.)

Backup Studio (LT) (animation, computer graphic specialist and illustration for different adverts.)

Jano Studio/MTV Baltic (LT)  (character design and 2D animation for intro video.)

Piksarta (LT) ( illustratiions for web content.)



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